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College of Medicine & Health Sciences

Only for Omani Nationals

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Full Time


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Not Applicable

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Not Applicable


General Duties:

1) Keeping abreast of recent developments in the academic field to enhance teaching and research activities within the department.
2) Implementing the security and safety requirements established by the university to provide a suitable working environment within the department.
3) Teaching in the field of specialization.
4) Providing academic guidance to students and providing them with information related to the specialization.
5) Participating in department and college council meetings and engaging in the activities of internal and external committees as requested.
6) Contributing to scientific research, providing scientific consultations, and attending conferences and scientific seminars in the field of specialization following the established rules.
7) Contributing to quality assurance activities in academic aspects in accordance with assigned tasks.
8) Contributing to community service by participating in seminars and workshops and preparing studies and research related to community issues.
9) Any other tasks assigned in the field of work.

Specific Duties:

  1. Assist in the teaching of Hematology to medical students and biomedical science students as well as postgraduate students.
  2. Assist in the research activity of the stem cell research laboratory.
  3. Engage in scholarly research activities including supervision of undergraduate students and co-supervision of postgraduate students, leading to publication in international refereed journals.
  4. Engage in Community service activities.
  5. Contribute to curriculum review and development.
  6. Participate in exam administration including invigilation.
  7. Be involved in College and University committees.


General conditions for teaching faculty positions:
1. The applicant must be of good conduct and behavior.
2. To have the following qualifications for appointment:
- It must be issued on a regular basis, and not be in the system of affiliation, distance education, or blended education.
- It must be equivalent by the competent authority in the Sultanate if it is issued by a non-Omani higher education institution (Only for Omani).
3. Proficiency in using information technology effectively.
4. Priority is given to those who have experience in university teaching and scientific research.
5. Apply for only one position in each college.
6. When screening applications, the terms, conditions and procedures contained in the executive regulations of the Sultan Qaboos University Law and the regulations for appointing Omanis to academic positions at Sultan Qaboos University will be applied.

Specific Requirements:

  1. Omani.
  2. Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Health Sciences or equivalent with a total GPA of no less than 3 out of 4 or equivalent. Equivalent qualifications must be issued by a University that is ranked amongst the top 50 universities in the global QS or THE or SHANGHAI ranking system in the year of gradutation.
  3. Proficient in both written and spoken English with an IELTS minimum score of 6 or equivalent TOEFL score.


The terms, conditions, and procedures contained in the executive regulations of the Sultan Qaboos University Law and the regulations for appointing Omanis to academic positions at Sultan Qaboos University apply.


This job offers the opportunity for the Candidate to seek higher degree (Masters and PhD). Upon completion of higher studies the applicant will follow an academic career.