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Civil Engineering & Architecture


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No. of positions available: 2.

Experience: The candidate should have excellent records in teaching and focused research in Environmental Engineering. The candidate must be able to teach core courses including Environmental Engineering, Contaminant Transport, Solid Waste Management, Wastewater Treatment, Water and wastewater reuse and management, and Air Pollution Engineering. Ability to teach Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Hydrology, and Hydraulics will be preferable. In addition to the ability to teach other basic courses in Civil Engineering.  The candidate should have the ability to use and administer equipment and facilities in the environmental engineering and public health laboratories.

                        The candidate should have a solid scientific research in one or more of the following areas:

  • Bio-energy and biofuels - Microbial Fuel Cell for wastewater treatment and value added product generation - Microbial Desalination Cell for bio-energy and desalination, OsMFC - Complex organics to biofuels 
  • Membrane technology and water treatment - Forward Osmosis, fouling characterization and modeling - Membrane Bio-reactor, biofouling characterization and modeling - Solar desalination and Membrane dialysis
  •  Biological and Chemical wastewater treatment
  • Bio-material development and characterization
  • Solid waste management and contaminant transport
  • Pollution mitigation and control

Duties: Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the above-specified fields. In addition, the candidate is required to contribute in outreach programs and attend to the administrative matters assigned by the Head of Department.

Media: English Language is the medium of communication in teaching, research and all relevant matters.

Purpose: The vacant two positions are for academic staff starting Fall 2021.

Duration: Applications are invited until 31 March 2021.



  1. Qualification: PhD & MSc in Environmental Engineering + B.Sc./B.ENG. in Civil Engineering.
  2. Document: CV + Teaching and Research statements, Testified copies of the PhD, MSc and BSc certificates, experience certificates, copies of a valid passport and a valid national ID.
  3. Copies of: the BSc and MSc transcripts.

Declaration: SQU has the right to decline acceptance of any application without revealing any reasons.

Application: The candidates should apply online. If for some reasons, he/she could not apply online then he/she should send the application via email to the following address:

Head, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

College of Engineering

Sultan Qaboos University

Muscat, Oman


Tel: +968-2414-1331


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