Job Position Details

Assistant Professor

Economics & Finance


College of Economics & Political Science

Opening Date


Closing Date


Job Category


Employment Type

Full Time



Minimum Experience

3 Years

Minimum Qualification



General Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Teach courses in the area of specialization.
  2. Conduct scholarly research.
  3. Publish Papers in Top-tiers journals.
  4. Contribute to various committees at the Department, College, and University levels.
  5. Contribute to the research profile of the College through research and creative endeavors.
  6. Serve as student advisor.
  7. Help with curriculum/program development.
  8. Participate in department/college/university committees.
  9. Other responsibilities as assigned by the Head of Department.

 Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Applicants should demonstrate excellence in teaching and research. The successful candidate is expected to:

  • Teach undergraduate and postgraduate levels (M.Sc. and MBA) courses, and supervise MSc Thesis. The normal load is 12 contact hours per semester (2 semesters per academic year).
  • Supervise both undergraduate and postgraduate projects and dissertations.
  • Engage in scholarly research activities leading to publications in the refereed index and ranked international journals.
  • Initiate research collaboration leading to successful research grants
  • Play an important role in research, curriculum development, graduate supervision and attracting research funding.
  • Produce scholarly work and contribute to departmental research output.
  • Engage in services for the university, professional and local communities.


General Requirements 

1. The applicant must be of good conduct and behavior.

2. To have the following qualifications for appointment:

- It must be issued on a regular basis, and not be in the system of affiliation, distance education, or blended education.

- It must be equivalent by the competent authority in the Sultanate if it is issued by a non-Omani higher education institution (Only for Omani).

3. Proficiency in using information technology effectively.

4. Priority is given to those who have experience in university teaching and scientific research.

5. Apply for only one position.

6. When screening applications, the terms, conditions, and procedures contained in the executive regulations of the Sultan Qaboos University Law and the regulations for appointing Omanis to academic positions at Sultan Qaboos University will be applied.

Specific Requirements

  • Respective applicants should have a Ph.D. in Finance from a respected/accredited international university.
  • Candidates should have experience of teaching undergraduate and postgraduate (M.Sc. and MBA, and Ph.D.) students in the aforementioned areas and supervising MBA/M.Sc./Ph.D. research students.
  • Candidates should be active researchers in their areas of specialization and intellectually engaged in their discipline
  • Candidates with industry experience will be given preference.
  • Candidates should also have the necessary practical computing skills in their areas of expertise.
  • Candidates should be participating members of the university, professional and local communities.


(For Omani)

The terms, conditions, and procedures contained in the executive regulations of the Sultan Qaboos University Law and the regulations for appointing Omanis to academic positions at Sultan Qaboos University apply.

(For Non-Omani)

1) Tax-free salary.

- Salary starts from 1636 R.O for the Assistant Professor Position.

2) Air tickets for the employee, his wife, and three children under eighteen. - Economy Class for Assistant Professor Position

3) Free furnished accommodation (in/off Campus), in case the employee does not want the university accommodation, he/ she will get 250 R.O as a housing allowance.

4) Electricity and water allowance (44 R.O).

5) Free medical treatment in governmental hospitals and SQU hospital & FAMCO (SQU Clinic).

6) Return air ticket.

7) Educational (School fees) allowance for two kids.

8) 60 days paid leave.

9) Contracts service gratuity.

10) Renewable contract.